Sunday, 27 May 2012

Gone all day.

Mummy went to work yesterday and was gone all day. Daddy went out too and didn't come home till very late. Nana came down to see me and let me out to go to toilet but she wouldn't give me my pigs ear as she gets frightened that I will choke on it. I never do so she shouldn't be frightened. I had to wait until mummy got home before I could have it, I knew exactly where it was so I showed mummy and made her give it to me. It was very yummy.



  1. Awww.... You truly love that pig's ear!! Too cute!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose my Beautifully Unique "Mystery Dog"!!

  2. You are one lucky doggie! Mommy used to give us pig ears when we were younger, but Cessie gets an upset stomach with them, so Mommy stopped letting us have them. I don't think Rogue or Canyon have ever had them. Maybe I'll have to remind Mommy and Daddy about how great it would be to get a pig ear for my birthday next month ;)


  3. Oh Fizz! You sure wanted that pig's ear - ha! ha! You were so cute when you finally got it and were pawing it excitedly! :-)

  4. are the love of my life! and you got a woofrific mummy too! wow, pig ears, i'll have to get M to let me try one, i sniff them at the doggie store all the time, but never have eaten one. maybe she'll hide one in my travel bag next week (hint-hint M if you read this- arf!) snuggles and licks to my welsh princess! jesse

  5. was just going through the year's post- i love this one, she is so excited and adorable. love her!! hugs and kisses sweet princess~ may your new year be filled with "pig ears"