Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New car

New car, new car, new car. Fun, fun, fun. Yeah!!! Mummy wouldn't let me sit in the back seats but I've got this massive boot with my own window that opens. It also has air con so I won't get so hot on long drives. It doesn't chuck me around when we hit potholes either, it bounces over them. Fun, fun, fun. I want to go for a drive now.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Spotty, I found you a stick.

As the weather held out today mummy took me for a walk down the lakes. I went into my usual spot and found this massive stick for you Spotty, unfortunately I wasn't quite sure how to pick it up, so I left it there. I did try to get mummy to help but she just gave me this look that said "do you think I'm stupid". I get that look a lot. She's not as stupid as she is funny looking.

I'm still having trouble trying to upload video, it uploads straight from the camera but won't upload the edited version even though it's the same type of file. Oh well can't expect everything to work properly, I don't. In fact I do as little work as I can get away with.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

More bored

We had a nice day yesterday, managed to get into the garden and help mummy with digging and laying mulch (whatever that is...nice for chewing tho) but today it's raining again. Mummy said it's the tail end of the hurricane the Americans had. Well they can keep it. I don't really like rain but I LOVE snow. They can send that all my way. Mummy said it will carry on until Wednesday. BORING!!! Will just have to get wet, maybe I can get mummy to take me down the lakes for more swimming lessons, I need them, the last time I went in I sank and mummy had to jump in and drag me out. It was fun though.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Well I got totally bored today so decided to help mummy with the washing. I got a sock, mummy's PJ's and a robe. Slobbered all over them to make them even dirtier, ho ho! I even got to lay on mummy's bed. It's more comfy than mine, think I might sleep up here in future, mum can have my bed.

 Want to go for a walk now but it's raining out and I had a bath on Friday. If I get dirty mummy will make me have another bath and I don't really like it.

I have changed my background on my blog as Autumn is comming which means Winter will be next and I LOVE snow, can't wait. Hope it snows and snows and doesn't stop.