Friday, 26 July 2013

Reservoir Pups

They are here, well there really. Both sisters have had their pups. I'm an Auntie again. Congratulations!
Pop over & see the pups at The Rock HQ .

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Goblin speaks

Hi there, it's me. I've been doing a lot of growing, size wise, but I'm still a pest. I love winding the Princess up and I'm nearly as tall as her now, although I don't quite weigh as much as her coz she's a fatty.

I've had a very runny bottom lately so the Ogre took me to the vets. It turns out I have a campylobacter infection, I think I got it camping, lol. Any way I have some tablets I have to take and hopefully soon I will be all better.

I have been buzy digging holes in the back garden, the ogre isn't happy about that and she keeps filling them in. I have broken 3 paddling pools now, none of the shops have got any so the ogre says I will have to go without, so I have taken to playing with the sprinkler.

Hope you are all enjoying the weather, I'm off to sit infront of the A/C.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Oh dear

After we had such a lovely holiday in our little van, sadly mummy is going to have to sell it. She has nowhere to store it. She was intending to use it as a shed/toilet down the allotment but they have said NO. Well, he said a lot more than that & was very rude to mummy. She even said he was racist, not towards her but he used a racist word against other people, so now she doesn't even want her plot & is looking elsewhere. Well she has always said how badly it is run, it seems this person does nothing down there, the paths are not mowed (some people do their bit but never any further), half the time the water isn't on, there are so many overgrown plots & he does nothing about it.

So the Berner mobile has to go. There are no rules about her parking it outside the house on the road (she checked with the council) so she could leave it there, but it seems silly to keep it when we don't use it much, maybe the once a year for the Treasure Hunt. She spent a lot of money trying to sort it all out so it worked. She's not happy.

We had fun in the Berner Mobile