Friday, 27 May 2016

Still wandering

Sorry, we've been AWOL for a while. The camera had stopped working & we needed to buy a new lead for it.

We have been out for many walks, mostly local. We have not been able to walk around our Lakes, there has been a big calamity there, there is some blue/green algae found in the water & some dogs have died from drinking the water.

So we took off for a day around my Queendom.

We checked all the pee-mail

Sat for the Ogre to take a few nice pictures

Spoilt a few

Spoilt a few more

Visited our Unicorn friends, this tree is the marker to their kingdom, you can just make out the image of a Unicorn near the top of the trunk.

everything is very green at the moment, we have had some rain.

the K.i.T had a rest half way around

we took the long way around

the K.i.T found some rainbows to dance with.
 Hope you all have a lovely weekend & get many walks,