Thursday, 20 February 2014

We had a run of good & bad luck

Well I suppose that's normal, you can't always have it good although sometimes it does feel like it's all bad. It seems that most of it has been balanced with the numbers although the bad always feels worse, especially at this time of the year.

We can't wait for better weather, we don't mind if it's snow or sun but we've all had enough of this rain. It is getting everybody down & a lot of people have lost their homes. So whatever bad is happening to us we know there are people worse off.

We are not rich, in fact we are very poor money wise, mummy often goes without food so we can eat, but mummy says wealth is not measured by money but love. She would much rather have us then all the money in the world. So when everything seemed to be going wrong & she couldn't pay all the bills, the cooker stopped working, she needed new glasses & of course the car needs taxing, she was pretty down. But as I have already said there have been ups as well as downs, she had some good news. First of all a good friend sent mummy a present, all the way from USA, so she put the money towards a new cooker (we are still waiting for it to be connected, but that in itself is a long story) then we heard the Goblin had won a competition of having her pawtrait painted & it arrived from Canada & to top it all off I also won a competition & won a voucher.
Pawtrait of a Goblin
 Mummy had to buy a new camera (the Goblin ate the old one) but it didn't have a charger or lead so she had to order one from e-bay. It took so long to get here & she had to complain, but we eventually got it. So now we can have our pictures taken again, that's if mummy can figure out how it all works.

In the very wet garden

The Goblin (fish eye mode)
Now all mummy wants is to be able to get into the garden & get planting, she's always happier then (even if she has to chase the Goblin around the garden to get her gloves/pots/tools etc back).

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's day & we have no dates, mummy is giving us plenty of cuddles but it's not quite the same. We were also hoping to get some Valentine bikits but mummy's cooker has packed up so she has bought a new one & we have to wait for it to be fitted, we are hoping it will be done on Monday.

We are still waiting for the lead we bought on e-bay for our camera, mommy has had to complain and now we are still waiting to hear from the company we bought it from, they have until Tuesday to sort it out otherwise e-bay will have to refund the money. Which of course is no good as we actually need the lead. So still no new pictures, although there hasn't been any opportunity to take any as it has been raining pretty much non-stop. The garden is soaked & it's like a mire out there, the Goblin enjoys this weather but I do not. A Princess must look her best at all times & I can't do that with frizzy fur & muddy paws.

Oh dear, well I will have to look forward to better weather as I don't think we are going to get any lovely snow. I am not feeling very happy so I think I will have a sleep & dream of my lost Love, JesseJ.

My King

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Loosing time & a lot of other things

Well the Goblin has been hogging the computer & I haven't been on for a while. Just spent time catching up with reading all my favourite Blogs.

We still have no photos to upload, the Goblin ate the camera last year & although mummy has been using her phone the pictures are just dire. So she managed to buy one second hand but it didn't have a charger, so she's had to order one on-line. Well that was nearly 2 weeks ago & we are still waiting for it to arrive. She has contacted the company & is waiting for them to reply. I am not very happy & neither is she.

Then we've had all the wind & rain. Mummy has fixed the greenhouse (the roof blew off) but the garden is still very wet & we have more rain forecast. I would much rather we had snow.

Grandad has been very ill, the carers have been really lax in giving him his medication as a result he's back in the hospital.

But we have had a lot of good news too. Both the Goblin & myself won competitions, she got a beautiful pawtrait & I'm waiting on my vouchers.

A beautiful PAWtrait of a little Goblin 

Mummy has the week off work but she's already spent most of it running around for everyone else rather than take it easy, she also has several projects on the go for friends which is taking her forever to finish.

Have a wonderful week everyone. Hopefully mummy will get a new cooker soon (old one is broke) & we will be able to have some home baked cookies.