Monday, 20 May 2013

The Goblin speaks

Smee again, I've been a good girl I have. I've not peed in the house, mommie filled in the holes I dug & I helped with the gardening & housework. She's been busy & I've helped.

The Princess is finally warming to me, she's been giving me kisses & letting me play with her toys.

(message from the Princess)   My kingdom has been overrun by a Goblin, it has come to steal all my riches and harvests, the Ogre is paying a lot of attention to her & ignoring my pleas of help. I have been de-throned. However the Ogre has rescued bunnie from the Goblin's clutches and he is safe for now.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

She is the biggest pest of all

Well, what can I say. The Goblin is a big pest, I can't go to the toilet in peace, I can't bark at the foxes without her going nuts & when Nana comes down to give me my pigs ear she wants it. It's been endless, the ear biting, hanging from my collar, chewing my fur and hanging on my tail. She's dug holes in the garden, mummy's not pleased, and stolen all my toys. Then she goes and does something nice & cute, how can I stay mad at her then.

Mummy has bought a caravan, she's using it down the allotment as a shed but we are going on holiday in it, if she can get the electrics sorted. I'm looking forward to it as I will be seeing mummy, daddy & my siblings. Mummy got into trouble putting the caravan there, but she told them it was for a shed & that there was nowhere to go potty there, so the caravan will have a porta potty in it. She's still waiting for them to say it's all ok, they have said it's ok so long as no one complains. Mummy is trying to do it up, she says it's gonna be "bernified". I think that means its going to be for us.

The caravan
This is how it looks at the moment. She doesn't know how much she will be able to do over the next few weeks, our holiday is getting very close. She needs to get the lights working properly & get some gas for it. She also needs a battery. It's really tiny isn't it, I hope we all fit in.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Lakes

I love going to the Lakes, I think I would love to go to the seaside too. I went last year, it was too cold to go in the sea & doggies weren't allowed to go on the beach where we were so this year I'm going to have to get mummy to find somewhere that we can go.

As for today, mummy took me & the Goblin down to the Lakes. She was going to video us but it turns out she forgot to charge the phone & the battery ran out. But we had a great time, the Goblin loved it, I waded in right up to my shoulders, that's the deepest I've ever gone, but I was enjoying myself so much. The Goblin loved it, she was off & swimming, yes you read it right, she was SWIMMING. She couldn't touch the bottom & just kept on going. We were so tired on the way back, thank goodness mummy had taken us by car. We got that totally soaked.

Home now, both of us have slept, the Goblin is still asleep so it is lovely & quiet now, mummy says I was snoring. So here's some photos of the 2 of us at home.

Us together "sharing" the settee

The Goblin all dirty & wet

Me dirty & wet & very happy

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Another post from the Goblin

Went for a walk with my big sis today. I was scared by all the cars but the Princess stood between me & them so I was safe. We walked up to the vets, got weighed, The Princess was 44kg, what a fatty. The vet said she was beautiful and that I was a live wire. We got our worming tablets but no treats. Then we had a quick walk over to the park. Wow, what a wonderful place. I was getting tired & thirsty so mummy turned us around to come home. The Princess was not happy with that. We started back home but there were lots of cars and I was very worried so she took us round the quiet road to get back. By this time I needed to go potty, so I went. Mummy got a bag out of a pot, she said they had come from America & it was very special & I must NOT chew it. She bent down to pick it up & I thought it would be great fun to jump on her back, only mummy fell forward. She was NOT happy, in fact I didn't understand the words that came out of her mouth but The Princess turned away & pretended she wasn't with us. I wish I had got a photo of mummy landing in my poop, it was funny.

I've lost 2 teeth so far, my big ones are coming through, that's the only reason I keep chewing things, it hurts.