Friday, 29 June 2012

Too hot!

Whew! The weather has turned hot these past couple of days. I'm one hot doggie. In more ways than one. Firstly the temp here has been in the high 20's (C) and I've been panting away trying to cool down, but it's all too much so mummy went over to her dad's and borrowed an air cooling thingy. It says Artic 2000 on it and boy does it blow cold. I think it must be as old as mummy and it was very dirty coz grandpa can't see very well to clean. It's very big too and makes a lot of noise. I think Jesse would like it as I heard it's very hot out in California, much hotter than here. Mummy also told me there are forest fires in Colorado so I'm glad he's back home, safe.

Artic 2000

Secondly I've come into my season so mummy has been taking me to the vets, I like my new vet even though he keeps putting needles into me and taking my blood. Don't know what he wants with it, maybe he's a vampire, he looks a little pale. Mummy's hoping to take me to visit Night Night when the "time's right". Mmmm if that's anything like last time I don't think I'm going to enjoy it. It makes me feel really bad, it's not my Jesse :( . Last year I had x-rays to check my hips and elbow to make sure they were all ok, they were very good (4,3 hips:0 elbows) so mummy wants me to have puppies. I think I will be a very good mummy.

I have also received 2 more awards. I need to sort them out and decide who to pass them on to. Thank you  to Raelyn and Rose for the "One lovely blog award" and thanks Jesse (my love) for the "Sunshine award".

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Silly me

I forgot, today is Father's Day. Hope you have a great day daddy. I found this card on-line, the picture isn't of me, but I couldn't help thinking you would love it. It can go to your human daddy (Tony) too.

No silly words

Just to let you all know that you no longer have to type those silly words if you want to leave a comment on my blog. I have done this because one of my readers has bad eye sight and finds it very difficult to read the silly words. I find it difficult too but that's coz I can't read. lol  So I hope this makes it easier for you all.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Where's Fizzy? Gone for a wander.

I went with mummy down to the allotment, just to give her some encouragement you know, not to help. Whilst her back was turned I decided to do some exploring and found some bees living in these funny looking boxes.

But when mummy turned round this is all she could see, no Fizz. So she called, and called, but I totally ignored her. She was very cross when I finally decided to come back (don't tell her but I only came back coz the bees were scary).

Mummy is doing her best with the plot but as she has hurt her knees she is finding it very difficult. She needs to finish digging over the end (under the carpet) and get a shed so I will have somewhere to hide when it rains.

Jesse has gone to his ranch in Colorado and taken bunnie with him. Take a look at his blog and see if you can find bunnie along the way. Jesse's blog. Meanwhile I am stuck here in the rain :( in dreary old England. How I would love to be with my American Beau on his road trip.