Saturday, 11 November 2017

Getting ready for the Howlidays

Well I know they are still a long way off but the Ogre has been busy making lots of Berner things add to our shop. Hopefully that will mean she can buy us lots of goodies & pay for all the baths the K.I.T needs.

The Ogre has made some lavender sachets and the lavender comes from our own garden.

She has also decorated & lined some lovely little wooden boxes, the lining is our favourite paw print fabric.

She is now going to get making some hanging decorations & some pressie tags.

Don't forget you can also buy cards from our Zazzle shop.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Shorne Woods

The Ogre took us to a lovely place this weekend. It was really big, we should have taken a picnic with us as well as lots of water.
There were lots of shady spaces
Lots of things to climb on

We think this was a little place for people to rest & have a small picnic

We found a Troll bridge, but no Trolls
We stopped for lots of photos

The Ogre thought this tree would make for a good picture, we did not 

Now this is more like it, we found the Kingdom of the Faeries. This was a very special area where the kings or Elders would meet to trade or make laws

Each one of the Thrones was named for the kings of each Kingdom, you can't see it in the photo but their species was carved into each Throne, Faeries, Elves, Dwarves but many of them were broken & we could not read them anymore.

Shorne is a very ancient woodland & we found the scars of many battles.
We had a lovely time & will go back again but the Ogre did say the price of parking was not good (£3 weekends & bank holiday, £2 the rest of the time)

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Monday, 24 April 2017

A new place to walk

On Sunday we went for a walk with thousands of other Berners, it was the Bernese World Wide Walk. 

We went somewhere new to us. It wasn't very far away, not like the beach was when we met up with others before.
This time it was a place called Trosley Country Park.
It was a nice place with parking (you had to pay though) but there were parts where you were near a road.

We took the smaller walk with everyone, around the Woodland Walk. There were some people with walking sticks so they couldn't walk too far & we stayed on the built paths.

We took lots of photos but these are a few with most of us in.

We were very well behaved, especially the KiT. There were lots of areas where you could stop for a rest but we didn't really need it.

The Ogre took lots of pictures of the 2 of us in the Bluebells, they smelt wonderful & there were just so many of them.

After we had all gone round the other ogres decided to go to the cafe & have some food & drinks. We really hadn't walked enough for us so we went back out & took the Downland Trail.

That is when we found the Faeries, hidden away from everyone.

Eventually we made our way back to the car, most of the other ogres had left by this time. We had another long drink then lay down ready for our trip home. By this time we were quite tired out.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

No surprises today, well maybe one

It was lovely weather today so we got to go to the Heath. 
We met some Firemen whilst we were there, there was no fire but we think the were "in training" so we left them alone.

We kept our eyes on them for a while, just to make sure they were ok. 

The Ogre made us pose for photos again. It takes her a long time to get us both looking in the same direction & of course one of us always has to spoil it, usually the KiT.

Just having a little rest before carrying on following the red markers so we don't get lost.

Well the Ogre never managed to get a picture of the running dog but he came pelting around the corner and straight past us. The KiT gave chase & the Ogre started shouting again. 

The KiT got almost out of sight before she finally turned and came back. The Ogre had started running the same direction just in case she didn't stop. The little dog was well out of sight, much faster than the KiT.
We had already visited Katherine the Mermaid's lake, she still hasn't returned & there is only mud left where her lake used to be.

We came out of the wooded area & back to the grass where the sun was still shining.
We met a little black dog which was frightened of us, he said we were too big so we sat down & shared some treats with him to show we were ok. Unfortunately the KiT got bored & started running around so we had to leave.

Hope the weather was nice where you are. Have a lovely day.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

A battle with a Dragon

We took the chariot to the Kingdom of Farningham again today, we wanted to check on the Trolls that had been chased out of the forest. 

We found their bridge had been re-built, this made us think that they had come back so we went in search of the baby that had been left behind.
The baby was happy & well, a bit older now and able to look after himself. He had re-built his home with the help of some Ogres he had befriended,

So we set off to explore the rest of the forest.

There were lots of Bluebells flowering, they smelt wonderful.

We managed to find a watering hole. The KiT jumped straight in. The Ogre turned the air blue, screaming something about how we had only just had a bath & didn't need another expensive day at the spa. The KiT has been banned to the kitchen now we are home.
Then we turned around to visit the Fairies and were met with utter devastation. What had happened? We knew instantly that there was a Dragon around, no other creature could do this so quickly.
It didn't take us long to find the Dragon. A massive battle ensued but we triumphed. We brought the Dragon down & the forest is now safe.
We made sure all the fires were out but there was just so much that the Dragon had destroyed. It will all eventually grow back but for now it looks desolate.

We had a great day, we are now both very tired so time to catch some ZZZZ's 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Enjoying the great weather

We got to go for a lovely walk through my Queendom the other day. The weather has been lovely and it actually reached into the twenties (Celsius), it got a little warm for us but luckily we had had a good brush out along with our baths.

Of course the KiT managed to find the only mud puddle in the woods & promptly laid in it, the Ogre was not amused.

Have a lovely weekend all.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Happy Birthday to me

Yipppeee!! It's my birthday so I get to have lots of treats.

First off I got to go for a spa day at The Groom Room. The Ogre took me in the chariot just for a wash & brush up so I'd smell nice for my big day but the girls that worked there said I could have a free spa treat as it was my birthday. That meant I got the super duper wonderful smelling shampoo, balm on my paws, a bandana, teeth cleaned, and my paws trimmed.

I'm a happy girl. I also smell very nice.

Smelling & looking so good. 
 Then when I got home I was given some of the treats I chose in the shop. I found this new bone chew which is made from rice, it is very nice. I got one for the K.I.T too but I ate it before she got back from the spa so the Ogre bought some more.

well it's my birthday so I deserve a treat
 Then the K.I.T came back, she didn't get the extra treats as it wasn't her birthday, how I laughed. They did do a very good job on her this time, the lady said she was VERY DIRTY. How I laughed again, the Ogre actually baths her each month as she gets so dirty.

K.I.T enjoying the rice treat
So now we are both ready to have our pawty.

Sending lots of birthday wishes to my family back at Dolyhir. The K.I.T is sending them too but a very special one to brother Spotty, she's taken a real fancy to him & says she hopes to see him again very soon.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Being a Hero

Well sorry I've not been around for a while, we had a boring Yuletide although Nana did come down for dinner which was very nice.
We have been out on walks and of course we have been patrolling my Queendom. 
It was lucky that we did as the other week we came across a fire. The Ogre made sure it was all out.

Sitting pretty for the Ogre to get a nice picture of us

The K.i.T is now taller than me but not as pretty

I am the Queen and the most beautiful

Needing a bit of a rest from running around checking on my land

Giving the Ogre another good picture

We both got some dried liver

Some little Ogres set fire to my Heath, we managed to chase them off & our Ogre put the fire out. We stayed around in case the firestarters returned but luckily they didn't.
This could have ended very badly for the animals that live here.

Hope You all have a lovely week.