Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A whole new world

The Ogre did us proud today. She found a new kingdom to explore.

There was so much to smell, chase & wade through. This was something we had never seen before.

We had a long drive, the ogre had said it would only be 15 minutes but due to a traffic jam (road works) it took us a whole half hour, as you can tell, we were getting extremely agitated. She drove us down this tiny lane, on & on it went. Eventually it turned into a car park & we stopped. There was one other car there, 2 dogs with their Ogre. As there was no other traffic we didn't need to wear our leads to get out, the Ogre just opened the doors.

Our chariot in an almost empty car park (safe & secure)

The view of the road to the car park & over the farmland
Isn't that beautiful (the Ogre picked that rubbish up & put it in the bins). The sun shone, spring is here. The Ogre said it would be wonderful to live here.

The Ogre didn't know what these woods were going to be like, she didn't know if there were paths or what, so we set off to explore. Off up a pathway, we came across great big welts in the land (the Ogre said they were tractor tracks).

rain from previous days filled the tracks
We decided to follow the tracks, these were very deep and the earth was very soft due to past rains. As we followed them we became very disturbed, they led out into total devastation.

trees totally destroyed, ripped apart

What could have caused this? we needed to investigate. Trees had been cut by great big machines, then split open, cut into smaller chunks. Dust everywhere. We were very shocked but the Ogre didn't seem worried. She told us that other Ogres had cut the trees down deliberately, that they use the wood for heating & the woodland was managed properly. It was known as copicing, cutting down the trees to allow for more growth.

this was the result of of all that work
Well it seems the Ogre was right, this is how the older part of the work looked, a nice clear area where the birds could hunt.

the lake
As we carried on we came to what they called a lake, well it was nothing like the Lakes we go to, I would have called it a pond. It was a bit green in places too, but nice & refreshing.

off track there were fallen trees blocking paths

It was not easy for the Ogre to get over all the fallen trees so we had to help her. The KiT helped by finding a large stick to help the Ogre keep her balance (this was greatly appreciated) & of course we kept stopping to check she was ok.

clear routes were easier
We did find some routes which were easy to traverse. I wish there had been more like there is in Joydens Wood (my Queendom) this would have made things easier.

It didn't take long to walk around & we did come across a few other dogs. The big problem was because we didn't know the area we missed a big bit, so we walked it twice. This took us over a hour which is just about right for us. The worst part was the traffic on the way home. We fell asleep leaving the Ogre to be bored. She stopped on the way back, we saw some very big animals & she put a bag of wonderful horse poop in the back with us. Unfortunately for us she wouldn't let us eat any, she said it's for the garden. KiT managed to get some when she wasn't looking.

All in all it was a lovely walk. We will go again.

Just as we left, driving down the lane, guess what we saw!!!

Bunnies (can you see their little white tails)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

It's my birthday, the big 6 years old. The KIT (Knight-in-training) has been a real pest today, she keeps calling me old & kept stopping on our walk to tell me to catch up. Well I hate to say it but the Ogre is much older than I am & I had to slow down so she could keep up.

The Ogre cooked the most delicious pupcakes, iced with cream cheese & peanut butter, it took ages to lick all that off the top of my mouth. I got to have lots of bikits from the "all you can eat buffet" & got lots of pressies too (although KIT took the squeaky toy & broke it).

The Ogre took us to the woods again for our walk. I so love the woods. It started out not too nice, big grey clouds getting closer & then they opened up & it poured down. The Ogre got wet & so did we, we came across some other dogs & their ogres hiding under the trees trying to keep dry. We didn't care, just carried on & guess what happened? Something was thrown at us, we looked up & there was a squirrel sitting in the tree. The sun came out & it turned into a glorious walk. (I felt JesseJ with me, I'm sure the squirrel was him).

The Gates to the Woods

Lots to sniff

this time we took a different route

at last an area we know

we are walking clockwise around the woods today

the other dogs & ogres keeping dry

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the waterhole has filled a bit

still not deep enough

very muddy
the sun came out

he definitely threw something

I feel my Jesse

the KIT getting in the mud

 As the Ogre went to pipe the frosting on the bag broke so she had to spoon it on in large dollops.
I think you can tell from the look in my eyes, these pupcake are awesome

They did not last long
 There were a dozen pupcakes in total, I shared with the KIT.

my pressies
 We stopped at the "all you can eat buffet" on the way home from the woods. These were the pressies I chose for myself (I picked out the snake for the KIT)

last but by no means least, a pigs ear (thanks Jesse)

After all that fun & food a long sleep was required.

I hope by brothers & sisters had a wonderful day too, after all we are the best ever litter of Dolyhir (ok, so were the others, loves to you Rocky & Reba)

Monday, 23 March 2015

Happy International Puppy Day

Me, the amazing Fizz

The Knight-in-training, AKA the Pest 

Just the 2 of us, looking cute.

Tomorrow is my birthday, my siblings & I will be 6 years old. I can't believe it. Hopefully there will be many more happy birthdays for us all.