Monday, 26 August 2013


First off I want to say, to all my friends that live in California and Colorado, that I hope you are all alright. I hear there are fires out there, please keep the animals safe too. Blessings to the wonderful Firefighters who have been battling to put them out.

Meanwhile here, it's been wet all week, but the sun came back out for yesterday and is set to stay until about Thursday. So today we went for a walk, it was a bit hot. It all started very nicely, then the Goblin decided to be stupid. I shouted at her to stop but she wouldn't listen. She ended up heading towards the street, mummy chased her but she thought that was fun. Luckily for her mummy can run faster.

Nothing Butt Berners
She's so nosey
Checking out the pee-mail

We managed to find some shade to cool off
We then went on to the pet store, or as we like to call it "the all you can eat buffet". We got bikits & lots of fusses. My two favourite girls were there too, Kim & Amy. They always give the best fusses & lots of bikits. Mum wanted a Halti to stop the Goblin pulling but they didn't have one, so mummy had to take her to another pet store. The Goblin isn't happy with it but mummy is (me too, I had a good laugh).
The Goblin in her Halti

 We are both tired now, so I'm just going to have a little nap and have a little laugh.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


The Goblin loves to chew everything. Every time you turn round she's off with something into the garden, usually it mum's shoes even daddy's wallet. Well this time it was the 3rd jug. How guilty does she look, still doesn't stop her though

Sunday, 4 August 2013

At last

Well today I have downloaded Chrome. Lots of people have told me that my old browser just wasn't cutting it. I don't think much of it, really preferred my old IE8. This doesn't have half the features of my old one & I knew where everything was. I don't like change.

But at least I can post again now.

So the other day we both had a bath, not together our bath isn't big enough. But we both had fun drying off in the sun and it made us both feel much cooler.

The Goblin cleans up well

Very tiring having a bath

I'm always a good girl

I am very beautiful too

A real Princess

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Help, It apperars I can't write anymore.
The compose section won't work, I'm having to type this in the HTML section.
Does anyone know what is going on? How do I get my old way back. I will try & upload a picture. I have no idea if this is going to work. It doesn't seem to have worked properly.
I had a bath
Oh maybe.
I don't seen to be able to do paragraphs properly though, normally I can use the mouse to move my cursor but that definately isn't working. Oh dear this is all too hard, I think I need a secretary.