Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A stroll through my Queendom

Today was a lovely day. We took a stroll through my Queendom.

Checking out the pee-mail.

The K.I.T decided the grass looked greener on the other side of the fence, but no pooping allowed.

The K.I.T found herself a nice mud bath. 

 Which she then washed off in the pond. The sign says no swimming, very deep. Hmmm, it wasn't very deep as we didn't swim, we waded.

The Ogre got a nice picture of the 2 of us together, unfortunately it isn't in focus.

This one was a little bit better. The light was very dim just here as we were under the trees.

There was much more light here, so we had a quick stop so the Ogre could take a few more pictures. 

We saw a tree with some holes in. The Ogre told us they were made by woodpeckers, a bird that uses its beak to peck holes in dead trees, they then eat grubs they find there.

Another nice picture. We were walking ahead whilst the Ogre took some pictures of the leaves changing colour, all very boring. Except it does mean that winter will not be far behind. I'm hopeful that all the creatures that live in my Queendom have harvested enough food to last them through, it may be a long one.

The Ogre was able to get this nice picture of us near the old hermit's cottage. We aren't allowed to go there, it's not in my Queendom, so we just took a quick peek to check all was ok with him.

Well I do think the Ogre did a good job with the pictures today. We also met some other dogs that came from a country called "Down Under". We weren't too sure where that was but they were very well behaved when we first met them, a quick sniff, their ogre had them stay with her & not let them come and play but we carried on walking for a bit. We then suddenly heard them running behind us, turned to greet them & they stole our dried kidney. Well luckily our Ogre had plenty of supplies with her, we didn't really mind, it's nice to be able to share our bounty.