Sunday, 31 January 2016

On the hunt for FURiends

Well Thursday we had some lovely sunshine for a while. We took ourselves off to the Heath for a walk.

We were on the hunt for a new FURiend called Crystal. We have been informed by Coco that she walks there often. We need to find Crystal as she knows where there is a lovely kingdom full of Bernese.

Hello there, we are looking for Crystal, have you seen her?

So far we haven't seen Crystal, nor could we find Coco. The sun was shining nicely at this point but as it was already late in the afternoon it was beginning to get very low on the horizon which means it kept shining in our eyes.
We met a couple of other dogs who knew Crystal but they hadn't seen her on their walk today. They said the would tell her that we were looking for her the next time they saw her.

as we couldn't find her we decided to go & see Katherine the Mermaid

She was very happy that her lake was filled very high, we had been very worried during the summer that it was too low.

We refreshed ourselves whilst we were there

Then of course our Ogre made us sit for photos

We met some more little dogs but they hadn't seen Crystal either

A final photo before returning to the chariot & then back to our Palace.

May be we will find Crystal another day.

We are also looking for snow, they both seem to be rather elusive.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Sandy Paws

Well on Sunday we travelled much further afield, to the land of sand and water.
We were both well behaved in the chariot despite the long journey, the Ogre had cleared out the back & folded the seats back giving us loads of space. She put lots of blankets & towels in the back so it was all snuggly and warm. 

At first we had no idea where we were going, the Ogre was telling us it was to a place called Camber Sands and as it would be a long trip we should take a nap.

We could smell salt & water well before we pulled into the car park. I remembered the smell from once before when we had gone to a beach. 

This time as we got out of the chariot we found we were not the only Royals. There were so many of us. A big meet of all the Royal families. It was cold & raining but we had such a great time.

There were many other BMD's there, this is just a small group with their Ogres

There were hills of sand to climb, would have preferred snow but this was fun

The weather was both good and bad, it started to hail at one point but we didn't mind as we had our fur coats on.

The KiT had a paddle in the sea, she wanted to know if there were any fishes that wanted to play

I'm the Queen of the Sand Dunes, well I think the KiT loved climbing them too
We both had a bath the weekend before, we managed to get sand everywhere but the Ogre left us to dry before brushing it out so we didn't need to have another one.

We were both tired out after our fun so laid down to sleep on the way back. A few minutes into our drive we had to stop to let a train pass 

We are still hoping for snow