Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Being a Hero

Well sorry I've not been around for a while, we had a boring Yuletide although Nana did come down for dinner which was very nice.
We have been out on walks and of course we have been patrolling my Queendom. 
It was lucky that we did as the other week we came across a fire. The Ogre made sure it was all out.

Sitting pretty for the Ogre to get a nice picture of us

The K.i.T is now taller than me but not as pretty

I am the Queen and the most beautiful

Needing a bit of a rest from running around checking on my land

Giving the Ogre another good picture

We both got some dried liver

Some little Ogres set fire to my Heath, we managed to chase them off & our Ogre put the fire out. We stayed around in case the firestarters returned but luckily they didn't.
This could have ended very badly for the animals that live here.

Hope You all have a lovely week.