Monday, 24 September 2012


I managed to get chance to finish uploading my story. So for those of you who couldn't read the PDF can go to the page Tails of Seasons Sunset and read it there. Would love to read all your comments on it and I hope you all enjoy it. It seems to end a bit abruptly so I might add something into it at a later date.

It's autumn

The leaves are already falling, so is the rain. The wind is howling like a dog and it's scaring me, it keeps blowing the neighbour's tree and I think it's coming to get me. It's not safe indoors either, what with the dishwasher making noises and I don't know what it wants. So I'm hiding under the table again.

Mummy's not happy. She said she got conned by someone, not sure what that means. She gave some money to someone to help pay their vets bill as they said they couldn't afford it. Well I know my mummy is a very nice person so when she thought this poor woman was in trouble and her dog might not get the help he needed she decided to help out, so did a couple of other people and they all got conned. This woman could afford it, she has a big house in an rich area with expensive cars and a swimming pool. She took the money out of MY vet fund. Well now she says she won't help anyone out again. This makes me sad, my mummy's a nice person and likes to help, mummy's sad too coz she can't believe anyone would be that nasty. So everyone beware of FaceBook friends, they may not be what they seem. Think I need to give mummy some loves.

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Mummy's had her puppies. They are my half brothers & sisters, they have a different daddy to me. Four little puppies. Congratulations mummy.
Head on over to the clan's page to see how they are all doing.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Oh No!

What! Octopus!

Mum! Something's wrong.


Mummy! Help! The birds, they did it.

Misaki, I should have listened to you. The birds have killed my octopus. They disemboweled it. Poor octopus. I only left it out in the garden for 5 minutes, I'm so sad I had to howl. It doesn't squeek now.
I wonder if mummy can fix it.