Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Further visitations

Today we headed off to the lowlands.

the knight-in-training scouting ahead

the Olde Oak Tree
 Under the Olde Oak Tree lies the entrance to the Kingdom of the Dwarves. We will not tell you the secret password as they do not like visitors, they are a solitary race.

the Ogre's Causeway

The Lake
 We stopped off at the Lake to check on Katherine the Mermaid. She has agreed the water level is low & told us of the green algae plaguing the Lake. I have to admit the smell was a bit over powering.

 a walk down the avenue 

a little rest, time to check out the view

we enjoyed a drink at the water hole
The Ogre brought the carriage & we rested on the way back to the Palace. There we rested whilst the Ogre drew a bath for both of us. I have to admit it was very nice to remove the dust & dirt from our travels.

Monday, 22 September 2014

A very long post.

Over the last 2 days we have taken full inventory of the forest within my Queendom. The Goblin has been very surprising, she is definitely NOT princess material but has shown her true qualities at last.  It turns out she is a most excellent Knight-in-training. I should have known from when she was little, she did so much enjoy Jousting.

first attempts at jousting

I had never really thought about her becoming a Knight, a bit sexist of me really. She has provided a lot of protection & has even shown her worth at catching up with the messenger.

The messenger goes on his way

We travelled to the far reaches of the Queendom today, found the boundary lines along the edge of the forest. We came across a few trespassers, the knight-in-training ascertained which ones were acceptable & which ones were not.
There were so many parts of the forest we had not seen before, we checked every part & left our markers so everyone knew this was still part of my Queendom.

the trees are getting ready to sleep
 This was one of the parts we had not checked before. The trees are already dropping their leaves, preparing for a cold winter I suspect.

The Faeries were safe in their home
 We checked in on the Faeries' castle, everything was good for them. They all had new oak hats, which the trees had gifted them, for Mabon. They had collected loads of Chestnuts too, these they shared with us as a tithe.

one of the narrower paths
 We don't often come this way but it is a nice bright area.

we climbed to check the higher areas
 Often the higher areas are darker, the trees are more dense here.

always quicker coming down

the knight-in-training checks a landfall

she really can be good sometimes

the knight-in-training catching up

stopping for a quick check, all is clear

on our way to the clearing
 The Clearing is where I address my subjects, they can tell me all their worries & fears and I do my best to relieve them.

there used to be a large watering hole, it is now gone

all that is left, this is not good

the wide paths are good for travellers, trolls avoid the open areas
 Although we did go off the roads at times to check for hidden Trolls, the area was clear. I do not know if we have any at the moment, it seems not. Maybe if the winter is bad they will come.

a rare glimpse of a special part of the Queendom
 This place is a secret, it is a very special part of the forest & must not be revealed to anyone.

a quick look out before searching for the entrance to the magical unicorn kingdom
 The magical entrance to the Unicorn Kingdom is hidden somewhere in my Queendom, it is a parallel universe that can not be seen with the eyes alone. There are special markers left for those who mean no harm, we must find these before we may use our magic to find the doorway.

both finding the way to the magical unicorn kingdom

the knight-in-training keeps a look out whilst I check on the unicorns
 No one must find the entrance, the Unicorns must be protected at all costs.

She has proven to be very useful
 The knight-in-training was very happy to meet the Unicorns. Unfortunately I cannot reveal them to anyone, I'm sure you understand.

the knight-in-training taking the lead

this watering hole is very low this year too
 I am worried about the level of water this year. There has not been as much rain as there was last year so the level of water is very low, it's also very muddy. I hope the rains eventually come.

sleeping Dragon
 We were very careful not to wake a sleeping Dragon that we came across. Dragons often stop to rest in the centre of a forest, they do not like to be disturbed and have been know to burn a forest if woken abruptly. We left it sleeping, it will move on soon.

leaving our markers

checking the boundary

our magic often shines through our eyes

A traveller given pass to cross the Queendom
Well it took a long time to travel around the forest. The Ogre brought the carriage so that we could return to the Palace in style. The Queendom is very large & the Palace a long way from the forest.

We ate a good meal & now must sleep, it has been a long day.