Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our friends, I hope this year brings love to those who have lost, health to those who hurt & wealth to us, BOL only joking, I hope the new year brings prosperity to you all.

Happy New Year

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to pop in & wish all those that celebrate Christmas a very happy one this year.
As some of you may realise we don't celebrate it here as we are not Christians but that doesn't stop us wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

It's been very topsy turvy this past week, we have had really bad weather. It's rained & the wind has been at about 80 miles an hour. As a result the greenhouse lost it's roof & everything got soaked in there, mummy spent 2 hours replacing it, in the rain to stop it getting worse. Then the shed also took a hammering & our freezer stopped working coz it also got wet, she's hoping it will work once it's dried out. The garden is like a bog, it's so saturated with water & of course the Goblin, I mean Princess, has enjoyed tearing around in it & then bringing the mud back indoors. She has also taken to sneaking her stocking out into the garden, it has amazed mummy that she knows which one is hers (she leaves mine alone). Our Palace was turned upside down & next door but 2's marquee ended up in our garden.

The Goblin getting into the spirit of the season

Totally muddy, not Princess like at all, that's Goblin behaviour

On the plus side we have had lots of lovely food to eat & lots of pressies. We have also had a lovely real fire to snuggle up in front of.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Have a Wonderful Winter Solstice

It's the Winter Solstice today, happy Yuletide everyone. Today we feast and open lots of pressies. We know we have lots as our stockings are very fat. It's a shame we do not have snow, that would have been better than the horrible rain we have.

Happy Yuletide

Sunday, 1 December 2013

A post from the Goblin

Well I was my first burfday yesterday but mommie was at work so I didn't get my pawty until today. It was a pawsome day. First off we got to go for a walk & then onto the "all you can eat buffet" & have lots of fusses from our wonderful Amy (Kim has left).

Our wonderful Amy
Then we came home & a wonderful surprise pawty awaited me. There was pawsome cake with liver, yoghurt & choc drops, we both had pawty hats & balloons. Our palace was all decorated, it was fit for a Princess (or two). And the bestest bit of all, big sis said i was finally a Princess myself, I jumped around with joy.

It's my pawty

and i'm gonna enjoy it

well it IS MY pawty

so I can have my cake & eat it

I did let mommie get one good photo

And I got some lovely pink fluffy devil horns

I was allowed to choose my pressies from the store, I chose choc drops, a loafah dog & a soundless squeaky monstar. I have had such a great day but it's pooped the both of us out, so we are gonna have forty (or more) winks.