You can buy our birthday card, Christmas card and other items at or if you are in the States.

We are also selling our own homemade cards, these are special as they are quilted pictures.
These will be £5 each plus p&p.

The Berner Bag is 9 inches in diameter with adjustable strap £25 + p&p, there is currently only one available but more can be made to order

Berner bag

The berner rug is made to order & can include more than 1 puppy and paws depending on the size. Other colours can also be available. Prices start from £50 (2p per cm2). These are all hand made with a latex backing to prevent slip.

We have Berner Paws, these are fingerless mittens in Berner colours. They cost £9.95 + p&p
Berner paws

We now have our Berner Lavender sachets, they are about 11cm in diameter & cost £5 each + p&p but you will get 1 free with every 2 you buy.

Berner Lavender sachets

Our new Berner Trinket boxes are lovely, we have 4 already painted but can take custom orders for other colours. They cost £15 + p&p
Berner trinket box
To buy any of our goodies either head to our ebay shop (direct links under pictures) or for custom items drop us an email at Berntoak

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