Saturday, 7 June 2014

Major Blogger problems

Is anyone else having this problem with having to change your e-mail?
I am on Virgin & it seems that Google want you to use their e-mail addresses so they have assigned my address to another account & I can't access it anymore. I see that as theft, do you hear that GOOGLE, you have stolen my address.

I'm not sure on whether I should simply close this blog & go to FB or open another blog on a different system.

This is all getting confusing. What have you all done?? is it only Virgin that has this problem? will it happen with other accounts or have you all gone over to Google already??

Sad face

This is my sad face, the Goblin has an even sadder face. We are supposed to be in Wales but we are at home.
We broke down on the way and it couldn't be fixed so we had to be towed home.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Nearly all packed

I'm so excited, the caravan is being packed & I just know we are going away on holiday. I even know where we are going... I'm going home. Back to see my birth mummy & daddy, the King & Queen of Dolyhir. The Goblin is coming too but last year she was very good, I was hoping her good behaviour would continue but it hasn't.

Mummy has made some of her Christmas Tree ornaments to sell on the bring & buy, she hopes they all sell & brings in lots of money for the 2 charities chosen this year.

Making sure they are dry

Mummy says there are 20 there. This is Rudy, the red nosed Berner.

Mummy had to buy some wellies, just incase, as they say we will have thunder showers on saturday. She is also packing our raincoats & the gazebo to help keep us all dry.
Hopefully we will be staying at FForest Fields again, it was lovely & quiet there with a lovely lake to swim in. They also lent us a power lead & mummy hopes they will again as she still hasn't got one, that was because she was going to sell the caravan & buy a motorhome.

We hope to see lots of people & dogs there this year, so if you are near do drop in.