Sunday, 31 August 2014

Weather is still holding out

More walks. The weather is just right at the moment, not raining, not sunny, just nice & cool. We have just been out for our nightly walk, separately as we walk the roads in the dark & it's easier for mummy.

The Goblin has been really naughty of late, 2 packets of bikits, mummy's cup of coffee & the remote for the tv have all been eaten, drank & chewed. She was made to have a "time out" in the kitchen which meant that I could have mummy all to myself, bliss.

We got to go for a long walk yesterday, at first I though mummy was taking me to the vet as she put me in the car but then she went back for the Goblin & I knew that meant walkies. She drove down the road & I wondered which we were going to, the Heath or the Woods. Well it was the Woods, wonderful. We meet some other dogs there too, these ones were nice unlike the poodle that bit the Goblin on the nose (don't tell her but if I see that Poodle i'll bite her back).

Goblin has to spoil a good shot

Hurry up

too quick

useless mummy, it's all fuzzy

Perfect shot, well done mummy

a little rest & then home

I hope there will be a few more long walks soon, I also hope we have lots of snow this winter.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Walks are lovely

Well over the last few days mummy has been busy sorting out nana's garden. It's also been raining, but today we got to go for a walk, not to our favorite place, just the park.

I was made to walk with the Goblin on the double lead rather than getting to go on my own, mummy said we would have more fun if we actually played nicely with each other & that I should be more "dog", whatever that means.

When we got home we were both tuckered out but mummy made us "pose" for some more pictures, so I hope you enjoy them.

I also have to inform you that the Goblin says I'm officially FAT. 47kg I weighed in at, well she was only 5kg less so that makes her NOT FAR OFF BEING FAT TOO.
Hanging with the Goblin

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hi all

Well I took the plunge & opened a gmail account so I can start writing again. Really not happy with Virgin Media for not standing up for their customers.

My friends Stormy & Skye are in a little photo competition & would love your votes, you can vote daily too.    Please pop over & vote for them.

Stormy & Skye