Sunday, 26 January 2014

Happy birthday Grandad

It's our Grandad's birthday today, he is 80 years old. I really can't imagine how old that really is but he does look very old. He's still in the hospital & we still can't go and see him (no non PAT dogs allowed). So it means the party that was planned can't go ahead, it was lucky they put it off before Christmas. He has been in hospital for ages now. I do hope he gets better soon. Mummy says he probably won't be coming home even if he gets better, he really needs to be in a nursing home.

sailing the seven seas with P&O

Wedding day

returning home after being shipwreaked

playing chess

Grandad has had a very fulfilling life, I love to hear his stories of being shipwrecked, destroying harbours, travelling across Africa, dining with an Emperor & the Queen. He seems to have done it all.

Monday, 13 January 2014

A lovely walk.

The weather has been horribly wet & windy over the last month that we just haven't wanted to go out much at all. We do have our lovely raincoats to protect us but I still don't like the weather. I can't wait for the snow to come, snow is so much better then mud. Although we found plenty of mud today & took great delight in getting as much of it over ourselves as possible.

We had a walk over at Joydens Wood, this is one of my favourite places & it was the first time the Goblin, sorry I mean the other Princess, has been. Well she behaved like her usual self although she didn't stray far from me or mummy. This is the first time also he has been allowed properly off leash, normally mummy has to put it on several times during a walk as she keeps running off. I think it helped not knowing where she was. We met lots of other dogs too.

Mummy says sorry about the pictures being a bit fuzzy, she doesn't have a pocket camera anymore (Goblin ate it) so she has to use the camera on her phone & it's not very good at all. She needs a new one but can't afford it at the moment.

 Now, I've been having problems with pics since Blogger was bought out by Google. Now I can't add a slideshow by Picasa Albums. This is very annoying so I say thank you to Windows Live Movie Maker (a programme which I know exactly how to use). So I have put all the pictures from our walk into a movie instead of a slideshow but it works out similar.

We had a long rest after coming home. Mainly coz we were all wet & dirty so it was a sleep in the kitchen. Then we came to check out our friends on-line only to find out poor Honey Big dog had passed over the Rainbow Bridge, sweet dreams big girl. I'm sure there will be many friends to meet you at the bridge.