Monday, 24 October 2011

Hello Jessej

Though I'd say hi to my friend across the pond, Jessej. I've been following your antics for a while and not only are you very handsome but your very funny too. I don't know what bunnies are as there aren't any around here but there are lots of scary foxes.
I'm glad you are following mine and my birth family's site, and I look forward to reading more about you chasing these bunnies.


  1. hello back Miss Dolyhir Seasons Sunset, what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. i asked my pack leader Margeaux if i could take you out for a play date and she showed me where you live on the map... it looked only a little ways away, but she said it was like taking our bunny walk a gazillion times. i really like reading your blog too. and was i surprised at this posting, my heart fluttered. i have been thinking about putting an extra page in my blog titled "other berners" like the ones for my buds. so if you send me a favorite picture or 2 and a little story i would love to post it. my email is and M's is