Friday, 29 June 2012

Too hot!

Whew! The weather has turned hot these past couple of days. I'm one hot doggie. In more ways than one. Firstly the temp here has been in the high 20's (C) and I've been panting away trying to cool down, but it's all too much so mummy went over to her dad's and borrowed an air cooling thingy. It says Artic 2000 on it and boy does it blow cold. I think it must be as old as mummy and it was very dirty coz grandpa can't see very well to clean. It's very big too and makes a lot of noise. I think Jesse would like it as I heard it's very hot out in California, much hotter than here. Mummy also told me there are forest fires in Colorado so I'm glad he's back home, safe.

Artic 2000

Secondly I've come into my season so mummy has been taking me to the vets, I like my new vet even though he keeps putting needles into me and taking my blood. Don't know what he wants with it, maybe he's a vampire, he looks a little pale. Mummy's hoping to take me to visit Night Night when the "time's right". Mmmm if that's anything like last time I don't think I'm going to enjoy it. It makes me feel really bad, it's not my Jesse :( . Last year I had x-rays to check my hips and elbow to make sure they were all ok, they were very good (4,3 hips:0 elbows) so mummy wants me to have puppies. I think I will be a very good mummy.

I have also received 2 more awards. I need to sort them out and decide who to pass them on to. Thank you  to Raelyn and Rose for the "One lovely blog award" and thanks Jesse (my love) for the "Sunshine award".


  1. OMD I feel ya!! It's been boiling these past few days here too, I have been enjoying some doggy ice cream to cool me down, i stongly reccomand it :)
    Oh you have given me a horrible thought about my Vet, I had my blood taken last week and now i have another appointment fur more!! Mines fur allergies though, You'll be a wonderfur Mummy

    Teddy xxx

  2. It's been REALLY hot here too. Yesterday it was 105 F with a heat index of 118 F! Plus we had a bad storm last night so a lot of people have no power and no puppy cooling system (AKA air conditioning). Luckily we have power.

    You'll be a wonderful mummy! Can't wait to see your pups!!!

    your pal,

  3. hey my sweetness, it is warm, but not too hot yet. - i don't like baffles M as to why, but i just don't. what i DO like is the marble floor..oh yes, that is so nice and always cool. now for the important matter... puppies!!!! oh yes, and this excited M too. i heard her telling S that too bad i had been fixed (didn't know i was broken) because she wondered if she sent some seamen to you we could have puppies together. I TOLD HER that was horrid, you're not a "dock" dog you're a princess and you don't need and men from the sea or the air! humph, humans are so weird sometimes. but it will be fun for you to have some puppies- we love puppies. and i know you will be a great mummy too!

    a note from M to your mummy: hum, wonder if we can get one? will have to think about this, welsh blood in america, not sure america can handle that. ha!

  4. Fizz....
    Stay cool!! ;)
    You are going to be a Mummy?! When?! Well, I know that you still have to.... Uh.... Do it.... But I cannot wait!! ;)
    You are welcome for the
    award!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!