Friday, 31 August 2012

My story.

I finally managed to get my story finished. I still need to add it to the page but I have made it into a book that you can download. I'm going to try and put it up here.

I hope you enjoy it.
Please share but let everyone know where it came from. (and no professional publishing)


  1. Sadly it would not load for me. Have a fantastic Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Oh dear Molly. When you clicked on it did it not take you to skyDrive where you could download it or read it? Now I don't know what to do coz it works for me. I am putting it on the page Tail of Season Sunset so you can read it there, I haven't quite finished putting it on but I should be finished soon. If not I can e-mail it to you if you have Adobe (PDF)

  2. Hi thanks for coming by Misaki's blog and commenting on the trial..It was a real fun day..Will download your book :) x
    Mollie and Alfie