Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dog show

Well mummy took me to another doggie show. We did have some fun although by the time it came to me going in the ring I was tired and wanted to go sleepy time, so I sat down and wouldn't move. I still got a blue rosette (2nd) and a lilac (5th) one. I didn't get any free doggie food coz I didn't come first. Never mind, I like the food mummy gives me, it's real raw food.

As I said, we had some fun. I nearly got a sister. We found this lovely little dog running around all lost. She was covered in foxy poo and insisted on jumping all over me and mummy. We managed to find some rope and tie her up so she couldn't run off again. Eventually her owner found us and she was able to go home. She was very happy and so was her mummy and daddy.

We also saw a group of dogs there that were also being shown. They had this really good handler, he pranced around the ring with the doggies and they had their noses stuck so high I wondered how they could breathe. They did very well and won most of their classes. I've never seen the like before. Maybe next time they might talk to me. Daddy was terrible at taking photos, he forgot to take any of me with my blue rosette and took blurry ones in the next show. He really needs to learn what to do.

I had to have a bath before I went, this time with water in it. I got mummy good and proper, she was wetter than me by the end of it. I gave her a bikit to say sorry.

Time to sit down

Can I go home now


  1. My mummy is terrible at taking photos too, I know the feeling!

  2. you and mummy look so good here, can't wait until 2013 shows, bet you'll be the best! now we just got to get judges who know how to judge... hehe1