Saturday, 24 November 2012

What a week.

Phew! I'm gonna be glad to have a rest tomorrow. Boy have I been busy. Mummy's been off work this week so first of all I helped her make some xmas tree decorations to send to her friends on FB, then she had a problem and some of her friends turned on her (this is what happens when you try to help some people). Then we went down to see Jake and his parents, Helene and Richard. They are very nice. I had such fun, we went for a walk at the beach, OMG! I have never seen the sea and dunes, I was up and down the dunes running around. Jake is a bit slower than me but I didn't mind, I kept coming back to check on him. His mummy cooked dinner which was lovely, I got roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, OMG!

Then today I went to Dansom Park to meet Bella. She is a Swiss Mountain Dog, so a cousin to us Bernese Mountain Dogs. A new friend Bella.

I've had such a great time, Bella was very fast but I'm sure she will slow down a bit when she gets older. She was very good chasing a ball.

Hope you all enjoy the photos. I'm going to have another sleep, I'm pooped.


  1. Have a super snoozey Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Someone said roast beef??? *lick lips*

  3. Fizz, i love these !!!! you are so beautiful, and jake is very-very handsome, jesse would approve with many arfs and woofs if you wanted to "make puppies" with jake--- and tell your mummy that she has a friend here in the states that thinks of you and her often with much love and friendship. the others- poop on them. ha! hugs to both.

  4. Roast beef - NOM!! And looks like you had a great time with Bella :-)