Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Sssshhh everyone, keep it quiet. I've just posted my first xmas present. He he! I can't wait till it gets there. It has a long way to go, right across that big pond called the Atlantic Ocean. Then it has to travel even further to......... Sshh, I mustn't say, coz it's a surprize. I don't know how long Mr Postman will take but I wrote on it in big red pen to let him know it was very important and to handle it with care. I also had to fill a form out, luckily Mr Postman helped me but he was ever so nosey and wanted to know what was in it and how much it was worth. I told him it was a pressie and it was priceless, he told me that he would make sure it got there as Mr Santa is very buzy at this time of year so he was helping out. Isn't that good of him.

Talking of Mr Santa mummy found his site on the web and he has 2 reindeers there, you can watch him and his elves feed them. I didn't see Rudolph there though.
Here's the link. http://reindeercam.com/

I have to help mummy put the decorations up soon, she's at work all day tomorrow so can't do it just yet, but I will post photos of them for you.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your tree and someone will get a nice surprise. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Looking forward to seeing your tree!
    Mummy wanted to enter ours into Speedy's competition, but I'm not impressed with it and refused to sit anywhere near it BOL