Sunday, 20 January 2013

Woooo Hoooo!!!!!!!

Yes!!!!! I got to go up to the park today and had fun in the snow. Love Love Love it!!!!

Hope this works, they've changed everything about posting pictures and I now have to add everything to picassa first.

Enjoy the snow, all of you that have it.


  1. Nice one! Look at you in the snow. Fabulous. I played snow doggie (rolling in the snow) and catch the snowball today. Brilliant. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. woof! my little princess, what fun you had, wish I was there to play with you and throw snow balls at "mummy" hehe! well, maybe mummy and I toss them to you. great pictures. not sure what is happening with your pictures. so far i haven't had any changes to the way i post them, just upload from my computer. hummmm- must be a GB plot? have been really busy- changed my schedule at work and my life got all bunched up, my "to-do" list exploded with more to-do than i want to do or have time to-do them in...ha! hugs and kisses to both you and mummy. XXOO (Fizz- don't eat the yellow snow...mummy may have had an accident....)

  3. Humph!!!
    We must be the only place in the UK with NOOOOOOOO snow!!!!
    When's it our turn - I want to play!