Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Loosing time & a lot of other things

Well the Goblin has been hogging the computer & I haven't been on for a while. Just spent time catching up with reading all my favourite Blogs.

We still have no photos to upload, the Goblin ate the camera last year & although mummy has been using her phone the pictures are just dire. So she managed to buy one second hand but it didn't have a charger, so she's had to order one on-line. Well that was nearly 2 weeks ago & we are still waiting for it to arrive. She has contacted the company & is waiting for them to reply. I am not very happy & neither is she.

Then we've had all the wind & rain. Mummy has fixed the greenhouse (the roof blew off) but the garden is still very wet & we have more rain forecast. I would much rather we had snow.

Grandad has been very ill, the carers have been really lax in giving him his medication as a result he's back in the hospital.

But we have had a lot of good news too. Both the Goblin & myself won competitions, she got a beautiful pawtrait & I'm waiting on my vouchers.

A beautiful PAWtrait of a little Goblin 

Mummy has the week off work but she's already spent most of it running around for everyone else rather than take it easy, she also has several projects on the go for friends which is taking her forever to finish.

Have a wonderful week everyone. Hopefully mummy will get a new cooker soon (old one is broke) & we will be able to have some home baked cookies.


  1. Nice to see you back and Goblin's portrait is beautiful. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. beautiful picture !!! and congratulations for your winnings- that's my girls. miss you all, lots of hugs, licks, and love. give mummy and grandpa a big smooch from me too.