Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Lost time

Oh dear. It seems time keeps getting away from me. It's not like I'm doing anything great, just sleeping & eating. The goblin keeps using the computer for her FB page & I just forget to update my blog when she's off.

Well I'm looking forward to my holiday next month, the Annual Dolyhir Meet. It sounds like it's going to be a big event this year. Mummy has been trying to find a new motorhome for us, we do still have the caravan but mummy thinks it would be easier to have an "all-in-one" so we can just get up & go to see our friends whenever we liked. The only trouble is too many have been scams or quite simply rubbish. Mummy travelled all the way to Yarmouth to see one & it turned out to be terrible. She was so upset, not only was it no good but she had travelled a long way & then had to pay extra to get home. Thank goodness she hadn't taken us with her (especially as she gone for hours & was dark when she got home). Then there are all the adds she's replied to which have turned out to be scams (she hasn't fallen for those) & those which she likes & has tried to contact but they haven't existed (she doesn't understand those ones).

The weather today is very odd, first it's sunny then it's raining so we only been on a short walk. The other day we go to go to the lakes, this is one of my favourite places. The Goblin is starting to grow up, she was very protective of mummy when a strange man turned up (so was I).

It was a short walk as the Goblin then decided to run off in the other direction so mummy had to go & get her back. She has stopped pulling on the lead now she uses the Halti, I like to laugh at her but mummy made me wear it one day. Mummy has been taking us both out on separate walks at night time. We both seem to enjoy that much better but we have to stick to the roads because of the lights.

Whilst we were at the lakes we saw this very big bird, mummy says it's a Heron & they like to eat fish.

I must get mummy to make some of her decorations to bring to the meet, hopefully they can be sold to add some money to the charity.

She's been too busy messing around. This is our new table (not quite finished) ready to be used on holiday.


  1. Hope you manage to find a motorhome, wish I could suggest somewhere to look but I'd imagine you've already thought of the obvious places.
    Love the table, it;s great!

  2. lookie at you guys, you are so beautiful. I am glad you had fun, with this califormia heat that pool looks just too delicious. all of you have a fun,fun time on holiday, and I know you both will be the "belle of the ball" give mummy a big hug and kiss for me.

  3. Fizz....
    I'm back!! Did you miss me?! ;)
    I do hope you find a new motor home!! ;-D
    My first mutt, Shadow, wore a Halti!! I snapped some pictures of her wearing it!! ;)
    I love your new table!! Wow!! ;op
    Love you later, Raelyn and Rose