Thursday, 5 June 2014

Nearly all packed

I'm so excited, the caravan is being packed & I just know we are going away on holiday. I even know where we are going... I'm going home. Back to see my birth mummy & daddy, the King & Queen of Dolyhir. The Goblin is coming too but last year she was very good, I was hoping her good behaviour would continue but it hasn't.

Mummy has made some of her Christmas Tree ornaments to sell on the bring & buy, she hopes they all sell & brings in lots of money for the 2 charities chosen this year.

Making sure they are dry

Mummy says there are 20 there. This is Rudy, the red nosed Berner.

Mummy had to buy some wellies, just incase, as they say we will have thunder showers on saturday. She is also packing our raincoats & the gazebo to help keep us all dry.
Hopefully we will be staying at FForest Fields again, it was lovely & quiet there with a lovely lake to swim in. They also lent us a power lead & mummy hopes they will again as she still hasn't got one, that was because she was going to sell the caravan & buy a motorhome.

We hope to see lots of people & dogs there this year, so if you are near do drop in.


  1. Have a lovely time and we have our paws crossed the weather is good and it does not rain. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. how adorable are those? mummy is so creative!! I do hope my little welsh princess that you, the goblin, and mummy have a woofrific, barktastic, and glorious time. I think of you every day and will look forward to hearing of your adventures. and my Fizz....if the Goblin doesn't behave just nip her in the butt and blame it on jesse's spirit- who is with you always. hugs, licks, and snuggles. M

  3. Hope you have a fab time! Love your mummy's christmas ornaments, i@m sure they'll go down a storm