Thursday, 2 October 2014

Things are worse than I thought

Today we trespassed. The Knight-in-training took her packs, I took the Ogre. We headed into unknown territory. Things were bad, really bad.

There was no life to be found. No animals, no Ogres & not even Trolls. There was food, which should have been harvested, laying wasted. The dam bused, water no where to be found but the devastation left in it's wake was horrible.

someone's home torn apart

more devastation left by the water cutting through the earth
 We took the opportunity to harvest some of the fallen nuts, the pack came in useful & the Knight-in-training carried it well. Like me she got very tired & had to rest, she was constantly scouting ahead to make sure it was clear. We did not see a single soul.

checking everywhere
 We travelled far into the lands. The war has driven all away. This is what happens when a Kingdom is badly run. Civil war has destroyed all, not even the Trolls were safe. All their homes destroyed.

at a clearing

remnants of war strewn everywhere.
 This was the most desolate part of this land. What was once woodland reduced to rubble. Remnants of war with Ogres strewn all over the floor. Shells & mines had to be avoided & our Ogre kept us away from danger, knowing where to tread & where to avoid. We had a quick drink, a small puddle which tasted awful.

even the knight-in-training was exhausted
We left the clearing as quickly as we could, hiding in the woodland for a quick rest before heading back. We had almost reached the outskirts of this former kingdom, there was such a noise that we did not want to venture further, the Ogre was nervous too, she says the Ogres are revolting against tyranny & destroying many kingdoms in the process. I do not like the sounds of that.


  1. Not can't have Ogres destroying kingdoms etc. Suggest you bite their ankles and chase them away. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. oh no my Queen, we'll have to call in reinforcements...perhaps from Dolyhir, your father's kingdom, if these destroyers of kingdoms comes close to yours. Nice work you two for scouting ahead and protecting your Ogre, we know she's not like the rest, she is well trained (by you two)... smooches, huggles, and lots of love. M

  3. Got 10 fit and ready to join the fray :)

    Bear will have to stay and keep the campsite safe :)

  4. Give those ogres a good bark and send them on their way!