Friday, 20 February 2015

Rotten weather

It's always said about the British, that we like to complain about the weather. Well it's true.
The weather this winter has been just appalling, no SNOW. Plenty of rain, which we do not like, the Ogre refuses to take us out exploring when it is raining. So we have had no tails to tell. Many of the Knight-in-training's American pals have had lots of snow, in fact so much they have had to dig their way out of their homes, I think I might just enjoy that.

The only snow we had

Had a bath, was allowed on couch to dry

The sun came out & we got a good explore in

The Knight-in-training needed a mud pack to make her beautiful

We got to fight a dragon hiding in the lake
Hopefully the weather will get better & the Ogre will be able to take us somewhere new to explore.


  1. Good luck and we have our paws crossed the weather improves. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I'm loving the mud, but mummy's not enjoying it so much

  3. oh no Princess... i've been so busy on that "FB" site I hadn't stopped by to say hi and see your new photos. love the dragon fight-- nice work- hugs and kisses to you and of course the KIT (knght in training)