Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What a beautiful day

Yes it is, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and we are just back from a lovely walk. We went to my Queendom, Joydens Wood, again. Only this time the Ogre decided to go to parts we hadn't been before.

old photo to show you picnic area is to right

Now normally we come back this way, the picnic area is to the right, the last time we were here we walked the wrong way round & came to the picnic area first. Today the Ogre took us straight ahead, we had no idea where we were or what it would be like.

follow the brown dirt road
Well the Ogre forgot to take pictures all the way around, she said no one wanted to see them. Well as you can see it's lovely and sunny, the path was baked hard which was lucky as the horses had left great big prints behind.

We walked past lot of homes, none of them were built of brick, I do hope there are no Wolves in the Queendom or they could Huff & Puff those houses down.

The KIT carrying the bags
 Such lovely views, the Ogre knew where we were in the "grand scheme of things", whatever that meant but she said we weren't lost so that was a bonus. She said we could carry on down this way or go to the right & climb. Well we were a little pooped at this point so we had a lovely drink (KIT had been carrying the water) and decided on the climb.

not too steep 

It was nice and shady for a bit too. The Ogre was slow, so we had to wait for her several times. She did not bring any water for herself, this was silly of her.

if we get too far ahead of the Ogre we will return
 At this point we still didn't know where we were or how we would get back. This is a part of my Queendom I have never been to before. The paths are well kept by my subjects so I will venture here again.

a gateway to where?

Oh yes!! Now I know where we are. Not far from the picnic area, just down from the little lake that had dried up. We had walked a long way & yet ended up not far from where we started. But we were very tired by now, we stopped for a short rest.

not lost at all

back on track, see the blue marker?

We know exactly where we are now. No need to worry & not trust the Ogre at all.

Now normally when we get to the end of that path the Ogre takes us up to the right but this time she took us through another gate & down another unknown path, this one was also dug up by hoof prints. I think this may be a thoroughfare for those on horseback.

another new part

 Again coming to another crossways we took the right hand path. It seems if you do not know where you are keep tuning right & you will eventually find your way back to where you started.

see where we are
 Yes!! again we find a path well trodden by us. We know again where we are. This is a lovely part, just by the big hill which we usually walk down (never up). This is on what is normally the far left of the forest. So we still haven't made our way over to the other side, it would be a very long walk to do so now, we are so very tired.

just checking the Ogre is keeping up with us

The KIT is doing well carrying the heavy bags, by now they should be a bit lighter as we have drunk all the water that we brought with us.

The rivers & ponds are all but dried up, there is thick mud at the bottom, it is like quicksand, sucking you down when you attempt to drink.

atlast, back to the main entrance

There was a little white Whippet having a rest in the shade, we stopped & had a sniff whilst the Ogres had a quick word. As we were leaving a little brown dog dashed past us without any Ogre in sight, we are not sure but s/he may have been on the run. We hope not for long.

All in all we had a lovely time, we got very pooped out with all the walking but we did get to have another long drink when we got back to the chariot as the Ogre had thought well & brought more water for us.

And just for a bit of fun!!!!   Can you find me?


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  1. I see her, I see her...barely ..lol you girls look like you had fun and good job KIT for all your hard work carrying water..and poo too. snuggles, smooches, and lots of love!!!!! M and Sammie