Monday, 14 September 2015


Well I have been really bad with blogging this last couple of months. There really hasn't been much going on to be honest.

Last week we did go for a lovely long walk through the forest again. This time there were a few differences.

We  came to the Troll Bridge, it had been set on fire some time since our last visit. I know Trolls aren't liked much but this is just horrible. We tried hard to find the baby troll that had been orphaned many months ago but there was no sign of him at all. We are very sad, he has either been scared away or worse.

We met another Ogre and walked & talked for a while. She told us there had been more trouble in the forest. A rare gall wasp had been discovered & all the chestnut trees had been destroyed. Many cut down to try and stop the spread of the wasp, other totally destroyed by the wasps themselves. We decided we needed to check this out when we got to the scout camp.

We came across the fields first. This field had been full of wheat not long ago. Now it had been harvested.

There were no drinking holes around but we did manage to find this small mud patch. The KIT had a good wallow to cool herself off.

I thought better of it and decided to set out to find something a bit more substantial.

Then I too had a good wallow.

We were walking around the forest at this point, rather than through it. We saw fields of vegetables that we often see the ogre grow at home.

We finally came to the scout camp where we could see the trees that had been destroyed by the gall wasp.

This was the part that had been cut down in an attempt to stop the spread of the wasp. Hopefully they could not fly far enough to cross to the other side.

We also found a sleeping dragon, we did not want to wake it.

The KIT was beginning to dry out by now. She blended into the ground very nicely.

Finally we had made it all the way around the forest and back to parts we knew.

The ogre spotted some holes in the hillside. She would not let us take a close look incase it was a badger set. Apparently they do not like to be disturbed during daylight.

All in all it was an enjoyable walk, although rather sad news about the Trolls.

Later that day the ogre decided it was time for us to have a bath. The mud had left our fur very soft, I highly recommend a mud bath followed by a water bath to make you feel so fresh and soft.

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