Sunday, 31 January 2016

On the hunt for FURiends

Well Thursday we had some lovely sunshine for a while. We took ourselves off to the Heath for a walk.

We were on the hunt for a new FURiend called Crystal. We have been informed by Coco that she walks there often. We need to find Crystal as she knows where there is a lovely kingdom full of Bernese.

Hello there, we are looking for Crystal, have you seen her?

So far we haven't seen Crystal, nor could we find Coco. The sun was shining nicely at this point but as it was already late in the afternoon it was beginning to get very low on the horizon which means it kept shining in our eyes.
We met a couple of other dogs who knew Crystal but they hadn't seen her on their walk today. They said the would tell her that we were looking for her the next time they saw her.

as we couldn't find her we decided to go & see Katherine the Mermaid

She was very happy that her lake was filled very high, we had been very worried during the summer that it was too low.

We refreshed ourselves whilst we were there

Then of course our Ogre made us sit for photos

We met some more little dogs but they hadn't seen Crystal either

A final photo before returning to the chariot & then back to our Palace.

May be we will find Crystal another day.

We are also looking for snow, they both seem to be rather elusive.


  1. can't believe that I didn't comment on this fun trip that mommy took you on. although you have had many adventures since- these are barktastic pics. and love the final photo!!! kisses and hugs to my favorite Berner Babies...

    1. We still didn't manage to find Crystal but we did find the kingdom of Bernese. It was filled with loads of Bernese & loads of food, all with their own chariots & Ogres. The downside was that it was a very small kingdom & nowhere big to walk after. We didn't get any pictures as the Ogre's camera isn't working at the moment