Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Just having a SPA day

Today the KiT and I took a walk through a part of my Queendom. We took the carriage to the Heath.
It's been very hot this last month & today was no different, although not sunny.

The lack of rain has made the grass very dry, this puts the Heath at risk of fires.  

All very dry & brown. The trees are in fruit but we didn't see many blackberries, there hasn't been enough rain for them to get big enough.

Making sure I keep up with the KiT

Check everywhere, there is always some pee-mail somewhere

Just a little rest


The KiT loves to climb

Another little rest, next to some heather

This time the KiT had a rest

We decided to visit Katherine the Mermaid but she was gone, her lake all dried up with just a little bit of mud left. KiT had a good check.

Need to roll the mud in a bit.
We then headed back home & both of us had to take a nice long bath to get the mud out. We now smell & feel so nice.


  1. Looks like you had fun walking together. I know it's so hard to walk in a hot weather, but soon the fall will be here!!! Love your beautiful pictures:)

  2. hi ya guys, looks like you had lots of fun- wow M just can't get over how beautiful you two are. I am sending wishes for some snow for you to play in this year and you will forget all about how hot it was. oddles of licks, smooches, and happy pants- Gypsy, Samantha, and of course M

  3. You look so beautiful in those pictures!!! Soon the hot days will be over and the nice days of the fall will come. Keep having fun and share it with us:)