Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Happy Birthday Daddy

Well we had a lovely holiday (even if it was only 3 days-2 spent driving).
We took the chariot all the way to Wales to see Daddy on his 10th birthday, it was a lovely day.
However it didn't start out too well as we hit traffic works on the motorway & I had a little "whoops" moment.
The hotel was quite nice but very noisy so I didn't get much sleep.
But the following day we made tracks to the birthday party.
I was so happy.

The sign, we knew we were nearly there, we are Dolyhir Dogs

Daddy, the birthday boy. 10 years old
We had lots of fun & treats and really enjoyed ourselves.

The following day the Ogre took us to a beautiful place for a lovely walk.

Aren't we gorgeous

Just look at that view

The river was very cold but we loved it

This was not the hotel we stayed at, maybe next time
The clocks have gone back to normal time so it's getting dark really early, no more long walks until the springtime.

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