Friday, 24 March 2017

Happy Birthday to me

Yipppeee!! It's my birthday so I get to have lots of treats.

First off I got to go for a spa day at The Groom Room. The Ogre took me in the chariot just for a wash & brush up so I'd smell nice for my big day but the girls that worked there said I could have a free spa treat as it was my birthday. That meant I got the super duper wonderful smelling shampoo, balm on my paws, a bandana, teeth cleaned, and my paws trimmed.

I'm a happy girl. I also smell very nice.

Smelling & looking so good. 
 Then when I got home I was given some of the treats I chose in the shop. I found this new bone chew which is made from rice, it is very nice. I got one for the K.I.T too but I ate it before she got back from the spa so the Ogre bought some more.

well it's my birthday so I deserve a treat
 Then the K.I.T came back, she didn't get the extra treats as it wasn't her birthday, how I laughed. They did do a very good job on her this time, the lady said she was VERY DIRTY. How I laughed again, the Ogre actually baths her each month as she gets so dirty.

K.I.T enjoying the rice treat
So now we are both ready to have our pawty.

Sending lots of birthday wishes to my family back at Dolyhir. The K.I.T is sending them too but a very special one to brother Spotty, she's taken a real fancy to him & says she hopes to see him again very soon.

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