Friday, 11 November 2011


Not been up to much lately. Been out on walkies every day, meeting new friends and Coco who everyone seems to think I am just because we are both Berners.
Mummy found a program on the net that changes photos into paintings, she's gone mad with it and thought every picture she has had to be changed, along with all the pictures from every other site there is. So I thought i'd share this one with you. I think it's Spotty along with some very yummy looking mushrooms.


  1. wow, what a cool looking picture Fizz, M loves taking pictures of mushrooms too. i can't believe everyone thinks you're are so much more beautiful than her. maybe we should get you a bonnet that says "Fizz-the beautiful Berner." licks and snuggles- your american beau, jesse

  2. Thanks Jesse, I am definately more beautiful than Coco, she has no brown on her face and the white goes all the way around the back of her neck. Even Auntie Montanna (Dolyhir) is better looking and she has too much white on one side of her face. Coco is very friendly though.