Monday, 28 November 2011


Mummy took me for a walk over the Heath, so I had a good sniff around and found evidence of bunnies. I didn't manage to find any actual bunnies, but I know they are there. I found their poop and left a deposit of mine so now they know to "watch out Fizzy's about". He he!!

The only problem was that mummy picked it up and made me wait whilst she put it in the bin. I was very good and didn't move so I got a treat when she came back. I like treats. Mummy has bought me a very special one for Yuletide. It is called an Advent Calender and has treats in it behind windows that you open each day during December.

Its not a very good photo but you can see that it is very special, it's only for Berners. I asked mummy if we could send one to Jesse in America but she didn't know his address but I'm sure he'd love it. I will think of you Jesse whilst I'm munching on the treats inside.

1 comment:

  1. fizz, that is soooo cool. i love it! i wouldn't be able to wait and see what treats your mummy has in there---you are an angel...of my heart. i am excited you were able to detect some bunny poop, just don't eat's too yuckie for a princess. my plark friend, peanut, does...ewwwee.
    (horse poop is a different story-hehe)