Sunday, 15 January 2012

I've been lazy!!

Well I have been very lazy lately, not keeping up with blogging, but I did remember to remind mummy to get batteries for the camera. So at last I can show you my birthday cake from way back when I had my second birthday.

The cake was very yummy and I got to eat it all by myself. Mummy also took me for a walk today, it was only a short one and we didn't get to go to the pet shop on the way back. I like going into the pet shop as they give me biscuits and have a water bowl to refresh myself. Will have to try and get some photos with my friends from there to show you.

Most of the pictures mummy got of me today were of my bottom. She blames me and the camera, me because I don't keep still and the camera because it takes ages to take the picture. I think she needs one of those new ones that takes the picture before you press the button (not sure how that works but I'm sure I can beat it).

We met a woman and kid in the park. She asked if I was a Rottweiler cross. Cheek of her. No I said, I'm a Bernese Mountain Dog. She needs to clean her ears out as she then said "oh a BURMESE, beautiful". I get so bored of having to repeat myself, so I didn't. I just sniggered behind her back. I mean BURMA, way too hot there for the likes of me.


  1. Yeah - we've had the rottie/collie cross one as well - my mum just glares at them now - which is very SCAREY!

  2. wow, what a nice cake Fizz. i give M lots of butt-shots too, she says i am camera shy...i say NOT, ha! we get the "oh look a St. Bernard-Cattle Dog" mix comment all the time. M laughs and says "yea? wow, you mean i paid two thousand dollars for a mix? oh, silly me," and walks away; she doesn't bother to pay heed to them. unless of course they are really nice people, then we educate them. have a beautiful day my princess.