Sunday, 29 January 2012

New allotment

Mummy has got herself an allotment, so today we went to try and clear it up. It is very overgrown but it does have a lovely little stream running along side it. I spent most of the day wading in the water, not helping mummy. I didn't like the fire, it was hot and I started steaming. Mummy said she wont take me back until I can learn to behave and stop running off, but I was so bored, much rather stay at home and chew my bone and dream of Jesse.

Below is a photo of the allotment..... now you understand.


  1. Hi Fizz

    Thanks for visiting my blog & your nice comment! I'm very pleased to meet you. My human visited Wales on a field trip as part of her course at uni - she stayed in a big student house in Pembroke, on the cliffs by the sea, and said it was one of the most beautiful places.

    Do you live by the coast? Are you a water doggie? One of my best friends back in Auckland was a Bernese - he was awfully handsome and the most friendly, chilled-out guy (everyone used to joke that he must be smoking something...!) - anyway, he couldn't swim to save his life and his owner asked my trainer if he could take George especially out to sea to teach him to swim. I went along too and we had a lesson together! I can sort of swim now if I get into deep water but I'm not a fan of it!! :-)

    Anyway, I hope we'll become good blog friends and visit each other - I'll let you know when the voting is on for Mango Minster! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Hurrah for allotments, ditches to sit in, such fun to be had digging!

  3. nice allotment~ tell your mummy congratulations-- i understand about being bored...i have a great idea !! tell your mummy to get you a sister to play with. yeah! i keeping trying with M but she says not until we get to the ranch full time.
    snuggles and smooches

  4. hurrol I seed you over on Honeys blog, I is in the UK so thought i'd stop by and say hi. I hope your Mum enjoys your new allotment.