Sunday, 11 March 2012

Did someone say WALKIES!!!!

Yes, I got my long walk in the woods today. I didn't think I was going as mummy reminded me that I had broken the dog guard for the car, then she went out down to the allotment with bags of horse poop. She managed to get a few bags on the way home last night and she left them in the car overnight. She said it really stank in the car by the morning coz it was fresh. He he! I could still smell it by the time I got in. Any ways mummy put me in the back seat and made me lay down in the foot well so we could drive to the woods. When we got there I couldn't wait, I ran off up the path but mummy stopped to talk to some people so I had to stop and tell her to "hurry up". I waited until we were sufficiently far enough from the entrance before "doing my business" so mummy had to carry it with us all the way around. We met lots of other people and their dogs and took lots of photos. We even saw the woodpecker and giant cow again.






  1. wow fizz, looks like you had a great time. tell your mummy we think her allotment is beautiful!! she should name it "season's sunset woods" ahhh what a peaceful place for you and her. barks and licks, jesse oh-p.s. bags of horse poop? i loooovvveee horse poop...hehe!

  2. Gosh, Fizz - there was free horse poo there right niext to you and you didn't roll in it???!! :-)

    1. If I rolled in it mummy would make me have a bath again. I don't like having a bath.