Saturday, 7 April 2012


Well I spent all day trying to figure out how to load this Guestbook so you all had better come along and leave me a post, otherwise I will be sad, and Berners are never good when they are sad. You don't have to leave your e-mail or web address if you don't want to but you can make it private so that no-one other than I can see it. You can also leave smilies on it, but if you want to find more than is shown you have to "allow pop-ups" so you had better do that before typing as it wipes it out and you have to type all over again (silly).

So make me a happy pup please and you will get more smiles like this one.


  1. Wooo betcha mate! Happy Easter,


  2. i'm here my welsh princess! happy easter to you and your mummy

  3. Hey Fizz!! Great blogging:) Woofs and snuffles from Monty and Ted. x