Thursday, 19 April 2012


It's been raining on and off all week. I only like getting wet when I'm playing in the river, I don't like the rain. But today there was a break in the clouds, and the sun came out, so we "hot footted it" down to the lakes. I was so excited but I stayed "walking to heal" like I am supposed to, we had to cross a big road which had lots of traffic lights. There I have to sit and wait until the green man flashes, I never saw one but mummy told me when to cross. Mummy lets me off the lead as soon as we get through the gate, then I'm off. There is so much to sniff and lots of birds to chase ( I get told off for that one) but there is a lovely little river to go in and cool off. It's supposed to be a picnic area but it's been left to overgrow and a lot of trees have fallen down this winter.

Mummy took her proper camera, tried to do some of the things Honey The Great Dane's mummy suggested with it, but it didn't really help. She still can't do the "action" shots. However mummy succeeded with Jesse's mummy's suggestion of using the multiple shot on the camera. The memory card filled up really quickly so she deleted the bad shots and carried on. It worked quite well, then she used the computer to crop them. So here is today's most lovely walk.

She even managed to get a short burst of action shots, me jumping into the river.

Whilst we were out there was this flash in the sky, then a sudden bang. Well that was scary and it meant the end of our walk. The black clouds started to roll in and we ran. Still, didn't get home before the rain came. It is pouring down outside now, so I'm going to crawl under the table and go to sleep.


  1. Love the river photos! Well done:)

  2. wow Fizz!~ that looks like soooo much fun, i can see you laughing the whole time, as you know i love splashing in cool clear water. M and i like cloudy days too cause i don't get too hot- M says to tell your mummy "great shots!!!" sniffs and licks- jesse