Friday, 13 July 2012

Blog awards

As I haven't been able to get on my blog recently (mummy's been hogging the computer) I thought I had better sort out these awards I have been given and the I can get on with telling you what has been happening here.

So first off I was awarded the "One Lovely Blog Award" by Raelyn at Thank you very much.

Rules for this award are to link back to the person who gave you the award...done. And the I need to send it on to 15 other bloggers, wow that's gonna be hard so I will try not to send it on to those who already have it, so here goes...
  1. This is Jesse's mummy's site all about bears and birds and food (yummy)
  2. This blog is all about K & R who live in the Rockies, USA. K has cancer but still manages to live life to the full.
  3. Of course I have to send it to my mummy and daddy back home on the farm
  4. Hopefully it might make Aspen post more often.
  5. Stormie Pie is a complete nutter, he manages to get away with it because he's so cute
  6. Delsin is another one who doesn't blog enough, so come on Delsin we all what to read about your life on the farm and your amazing travels.
  7. This is for their Bully campaign. (that's Pitt Bulls)
  8. because he likes getting awards and doesn't get enough
  9. all about dogs and a baby
  10. Now this lady does the most beautiful drawing you will ever see
  11. I enjoy following the tales of this little Sheltie
  12. Marley's mummy when on holiday recently, but didn't take him with her, so I hope this cheers him up
  13. the dogs on this site are very special, they help their mummy who cannot see very well
  14. Honey is a Great Dane and is even bigger than me
  15. These dogs live on a farm just like my mummy and daddy
Phew! that was hard. I'm sorry if I left anyone out, I will try and give you the next award.

Now Jesse sent me the Sunshine Blog Award so I will have to put my thinking cap on so I can answer the questions before I can post it on. My brain is already aching from all this writing.

On to everything I've been up to, it's not a lot, well it was coz it kept me very busy, another reason why I've not blogged.

It all started with me "coming into season", this is a time I don't particularly like, I'm sure all you girls out there know what I mean. Any way mummy took me to the vets, the new one Graham, and he stuck me with needles and took all my blood (vampire man). So it turns out I had to go and visit Night Night last Thursday. He tried being nice and did whisper in my ear and lick my face but I had to tell him that I was in love with another (Jesse), but he didn't care, so I closed my eyes and thought of Jesse. We had to go back on Saturday but luckily he wasn't interested in jumping on me this time, so we had a little play around the garden instead whilst mummy helped his mummy out in mending their telly. I love watching telly so I hope Night Night is happy that he can watch his now. Mummy took me back the the vets again today for a jab, I was very good and didn't yelp. She says we now have to go back in a few weeks to see if I'm going to have puppies.

Oh and I got a lovely treat when I got home from Night Night's, a bit of ox-tail, was it yummy or what???? It's one of the best things I've ever tasted. I hope all you doggies get your mummy's to buy you some, just remember it has to be eaten raw otherwise the bone will splinter and make you very ill.

Yummy Ox-tail treat.
Mummy has been very busy over on FaceBook, she admins for the Bernese Mountain Dog Lovers group page. They have decided to have a memorial day on 21 July to commemorate all their dogs that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge and mummy has been trying to make a video with all their pictures in. It is going well so far, but there are so many dogs in it. This makes her (and me) very sad. Mummy said she will post it on here too. So if you are the mummy or daddy of a Berner and want to join her on FB just type the group name in the search bar on FB  (you will need a FB account) but I would rather you stayed here with me.

I will blog again soon and hopefully have some good news for you this time.


  1. Finn....
    You're welcome!! You deserved that award!! ;op
    Happy Friday the 13th!!
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  2. Oops!! I called you Finn!! Heh, sorry. I guess I was getting you mixed up with Finn the Golden Retriever!!
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  3. Oh thank you for the award!! That's very kind of you. It is a lot of work to list all the blogs, but thanks for including me! Lady's back and brought me handmade felt pig. All is forgiven.

  4. Dolyhir Seasons Sunset, what a name. Anyway congratulations on your award. Have a great Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Puppies!!!! wish it could have been me...but it's okay my sweet princess. i know that NightNight is a good dog and you will have some great pups. an "OX TAIL" i love ox tails. oh yummy for you. M wants me to tell you and your mummy thanks for the award... it is her first!! it was a surprise! licks and snuggles, luv jesse