Thursday, 20 February 2014

We had a run of good & bad luck

Well I suppose that's normal, you can't always have it good although sometimes it does feel like it's all bad. It seems that most of it has been balanced with the numbers although the bad always feels worse, especially at this time of the year.

We can't wait for better weather, we don't mind if it's snow or sun but we've all had enough of this rain. It is getting everybody down & a lot of people have lost their homes. So whatever bad is happening to us we know there are people worse off.

We are not rich, in fact we are very poor money wise, mummy often goes without food so we can eat, but mummy says wealth is not measured by money but love. She would much rather have us then all the money in the world. So when everything seemed to be going wrong & she couldn't pay all the bills, the cooker stopped working, she needed new glasses & of course the car needs taxing, she was pretty down. But as I have already said there have been ups as well as downs, she had some good news. First of all a good friend sent mummy a present, all the way from USA, so she put the money towards a new cooker (we are still waiting for it to be connected, but that in itself is a long story) then we heard the Goblin had won a competition of having her pawtrait painted & it arrived from Canada & to top it all off I also won a competition & won a voucher.
Pawtrait of a Goblin
 Mummy had to buy a new camera (the Goblin ate the old one) but it didn't have a charger or lead so she had to order one from e-bay. It took so long to get here & she had to complain, but we eventually got it. So now we can have our pictures taken again, that's if mummy can figure out how it all works.

In the very wet garden

The Goblin (fish eye mode)
Now all mummy wants is to be able to get into the garden & get planting, she's always happier then (even if she has to chase the Goblin around the garden to get her gloves/pots/tools etc back).


  1. This endless rain is enough to make us all feel the blues but at least we don't have all the snow and cold our friends have across the pond and on the plus side we don't need so much heating on as it is mild which saves pounds. Sorry to read about your money worries. We so know the feeling. Bless mum we wish her luck and that good times roll your way. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a lovely pic of the goblin. Hope you money situation has improved, bad times in bad weather are not fun. We've had some bad luck ourselves, so know how you feel. Hugs to you all xx

  3. love the picture, it is precious. hoping that the downs will soon be ups~ and they reach the stars. congrats on the camera up and running. hugs, smooches, licks and all my love. M

  4. Keep smiling Liz, lots of sausages here for you when you visit :)