Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Bestest walk EVER!!!!

Mummy took me out for a walk yesterday. We went by car, past the Heath and on 'till we got to the woods. By this time I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. We walked down a path until we got to a board and mummy asked if I wanted to go on the "blue" walk or "red" walk. I chose red and we set off following the red markers. There were houses on our right whose gardens backed onto the woods. Wow, lucky people, how I would like to live in one of those. We came to one garden which had some really strange animals in.

We carried on down the path a long way, round bends, up hills, down hills and then we came to a five way crossroads and the markers dissapeared. Well which way did we need to go? We didn't know so we carried on as if we were in a circle, but we still didn't find any red markers. Now I was begining to get worried, were we lost? I couldn't smell any red markers but I could smell lots of squirels and they wouldn't tell me where we were.

We walked for ages, lost in the woods, then all of a sudden mummy spotted a red marker at the top of a very steep bank. I made it up easily but mummy, well, I laughed so hard I thought my sides were going to split. When mummy finaly made it to the top, and I stopped laughing I pointed out that the red marker was pointing down to the path we had just come from, but, that it sloped gently down a few yards on. No need to scramble up any steep slopes.

Finally back on the red path, we came to the picnic area. From here we found our way back out of the woods and back to the car. It was such fun I think next time mummy will have to bring a picnic and we can stay for longer. May be the strange bird might talk to me next time, apparently it's a wood pecker.

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  1. wow Fizz, sounds like you had a great time-- i would call that a double woof'n walk-!
    p.s you know way they call them squirrels?
    .....cause they is squirrely. ha!