Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Yule

Happy Yule to everyone. I know it was yesterday but mummy was working and didn't get time so we are having it today. She has bought a big turkey and I am going to get the neck and giblets.....Yum! She bought me a couple of presents too. I got a reindeer to chew and a backpack to carry my stuff in when we go for a walk. Daddy got a new chair but didn't buy mummy anything, even I forgot, but I did buy daddy a book. I also got a calendar from my real mummy and daddy. Mummy has to go and see grandad in hospital before we can do anything else, he really isn't well.

Happy Christmas for Sunday to all you out there that celebrate Christmas. Hope you get lots of pressies.

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  1. a backpack!!! for walkies...woof- that is going to be so much fun. i've never tasted reindeer, is it yummie? sorry haven't been able to talk to my favorite girl, M has been busy learn'n her new job and didn't let me on the computer- but I am here now my beautiful brown eyed gal-- wishing you and your pack leaders the bestest of New Years. American tradition is all pooches get special walkies on New Years!
    p.s. hope your mum's dad is feel'n better; give them both lots of kisses.