Friday, 9 December 2011

Pressie for mummy

I bought mummy a pressie today from e-bay. Been looking out for all things Berner for her as I know she loves us all. We put it up in the window to warn burglers that I'm here and they don't even want to think about breaking in. Mind you I think my bark might be enough to warn them off.

It has made mummy a bit happier. She's been EXASPERATED this week. We have got workmen in putting solar panels on the roof. The panels went up very well but the same could not be said about the electricians wiring it in. Well!!!!!! what a mess. Mummy's been ripping her hair out. They still haven't finished and she doesn't know when they are coming back to finish. I think I will hide under the table when they do as "sparks are gonna fly", not the electrical type but mummy type, and that's scary. The last time I saw these "sparks" fly was when mummy picked me up from the vets and I was covered in vomit and poo. Well I hid then so did most of the vets and a lot of the dogs waiting left.

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